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P R E S T I G E   S I G N A T U R E   B A R B E R S H O ​P

Prestige Signature Barbershop. Located Downtown Peoria IL. Traditional barber services ​with class. Safe, Clean environment. Steam towel Razor shave​s, comb overs to fades. We provide the highest quality of services .  



"As a black woman who enjoys getting hair cut, and designed like a guy, I have always been cautious about who cuts my hair because not every barber know how to cut women hair.

I recently relocated to Peoria from the south for work. I had been using the same barber for 3years so it was difficult for me to find a replacement in the New City till I sat in Mr. Glass chair. He is an amazing man who takes pride in what he does. Very knowledgeable and his BaberShop is not an ordinary shop.

All the workers there are dressed in business casual, his gospel music uplifts your spirit while you get your hair washed and cut. He takes pride in what he does and enjoys getting to know everyone that seats in his chair.

I highly recommend Mr. Glass services, trust me you won't be disappointed"


"Hi, Mr. Glass! I am 100% satisfied with my haircut and beard design!! You sir are a hair and beard artist!! That shave alone was an experience!! Thanks again, my friend!!"

"Took my 19 mo. old son in to get a haircut with Mr. Glass at his new location in the Twin Towers Plaza. I told Mr. Glass ahead of time that if he had Netflix on the TV (which he does) I think we could keep him calm enough in the chair. It wasn't so much the TV show as it was Mr. Glass' personality that kept my boy calm after a rough start to the haircut. His patient approach, coupled with his--I'll say it--tenderness helped my son grow more comfortable with the trimmers and the overall haircut experience. Of courses, the haircut was fantastic, too. Highly recommend."

"Hands-down the best haircut I have ever received. Mr. Glass is an artist when it comes to fades. The level of expertise that goes into his linings is superb. There is always a line so be prepared to wait unless you want a different barber. I've heard the other barbers are great but I only trust my hair with Mr Glass. There is an appointment app but I have yet to use it. I'm more of a walk-in type of guy. Haircuts are prefaced with a wash and dry. Bringing in a picture or having a general idea of what you want helps but is not necessary. Mr. Glass is very creative and intuitive when it comes to what style works for your face. I highly recommend this place and I hope it remains in Peoria for years to come. Cuts range from $30 and above depending on what you want. Beard trims, face masks, and other services are available for an additional cost."