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Meeting Mr Glass
Owner / Visionary 

Jorell S. Glass. Professionally acknowledged as Mr. Glass, Tonsorial Artist Extraordinaire.

Mr. Glass is a licensed barber instructor with over 20 years of barbering experience. He’s a natural born entrepreneur. Not only opening barbershops in multiple states buother ventures such as Averys Chicago style hotdogs, P91 mask and his current venture P91 Church(CyberChurch/online church).

Mr Glass has been the recipient of multiple accolades, most notable top 40 under 40 Kankakee IL. Peoria’s top Barbershop and WTVP PBS, staying healthy series celebrating the lifting of nonessential declaration for businesses.

Over the years Prestige has evolved into an acronym. P meaning Professionalism, R stands for Respectability, E stands for Excellence, S stands for Service, T stands for Tenacity, I stands for Integrity, G is for Greatness and E stands for Empowerment. The eight letters have evolved into core principles transforming mere barbershops into upstanding Institutions. The institutionalization of excellence is the goal and mission.

His personal interests African American Studies, public service, traveling and Legacy building.

In closing Mr. Glass is a father, a man of faith, a man of Hue, He is an Overcomer.